ByWard Outdoors & #VendorsVoice

Designed for the ByWard Market Standholder’s Association – ByWard Outdoors is the new name and face of a long standing tradition. Karma was proud to create all marketing collateral for this group, from their new logo to their new mascot, Bo The Bee!

Their Karma built website,, is as bright and colourful as the ByWard Market itself. Featuring constantly updated content with tasty recipes for those items that are in season and to be found in this farmer’s market. Karma was delighted to capture the ByWard Market in photo & video, providing a small taste of what the ByWard Market Outdoor Vendors have to offer!

ByWard Outdoors’ Facebook page and Twitter account provides increased community engagement and a bigger draw for this vital piece of Ottawa’s history.


When the ByWard Outdoors Vendors needed to reach the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa-Gatineau public with a loud, clear message, they relied upon Karma to provide Public Relations & Social Media Support. Karma worked with ByWard Outdoors to craft their correspondence with City Council members and key stakeholders working on the George St. Plaza Re-Design.

Thanks to Karma’s careful, measured and intelligent approach to some serious concerns, the City of Ottawa agreed with ByWard Outdoors, and will be protecting important rights while showcasing historic outdoor vending in the Ottawa 2017 celebrations!

Karma and ByWard Outdoors thank the City of Ottawa, Councillor Mathieu Fleury and Mayor Jim Watson for keeping Ottawa’s tradition alive and listening to our #VendorsVoice!