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Shape your public image with PR…
And gain invaluable media coverage at the same time!

Create and shape your image in the eye of the public using free press opportunities.

Editorial, or “earned” media coverage is considered at least three times more valuable than paid advertising, as it comes with third party validation through the media.


Outreach begins with a press release, carefully crafted, and distributed to the top media outlets in your region. Successful follow-up results in coverage of your story on radio interviews, television segments and newspaper stories.


Mold Your Image Public relations (PR) is about more than just collecting media hits, it is also about creating and maintaining an image. This is achieved by promoting key messages that stick in the collective consciousness. Garnering the right kind of publicity requires creative thinking about how to engage both the minds of the public and the attention of the media for your company’s benefit.


Creative Campaigns Cleverly executed PR events, commonly known as stunts, do more than just draw the press, they also speak volumes about your company’s mission. For example, when promoting a Pet Show, we create a “pet”ition to allow pets on public transit, which not only garnered a tremendous amount of public interest and free press, but also promoted our client as the caring, animal-loving activists they are. Find out more about this particular PR project.  


Outreach Public Relations requires inspirational planning for a solid, newsworthy strategy and the network and know-how to put it into place. . It is important to remember to keep your PR efforts as newsworthy, community-oriented and altruistic as possible. From outreach and partnering with local charities, to working with your city officials, no-cost and highly effective regional promotional tools are within reach of every business owner, in every industry. And remember! When you don’t have the time manage your public relations yourself – you can always hire a pro!

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