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The Devil is in the Details Creating a seamless experience from the moment your guests enter the event, to the moment they leave requires a detailed schedule, a dedicated staff and clever solutions to fluid situations.

Being flexible and adaptable is key to managing events that involve numerous outside vendors, such as caterers, venue staff, entertainment crew and more.


Unique concepts set the stage for success. Creative platings and food stations, clever signature cocktails and themed menus all help engage your guests and elevate their dining experience. A strong theme that uses metaphor, subtly woven through your decor, menu and favours will imprint your message without coming across as a hard sell. This makes for a happier, more generous and receptive audience.


The Karma Event Team Advantage We rely on Karma’s Team to ensure a successful event. Karma’s Web Staff manages your online ticket sales and guest registration, even online auction items. Using our Karma Design Team to provide integrated design services for your invitations, event signage and audio visual presentations, including videos and PowerPoints, make it easy to assemble all the pieces, staying true to your branding and theme.


Karma’s Photo and Video Crew captures every special moment of your event, and Karma’s PR team can help you get the word out to both the media and your targeted guest list with E-blasts, social media outreach and more.


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