Editing or “The Art of Thowing Things Out”

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I have never had any issue throwing things away.

The opposite of a hoarder, I am constantly culling… Curating my kitchen supplies, clearing my closets, cleaning storage spaces… And yet, no matter how hard I tidy, there always seems to be something that doesn’t need to be there!

Has this trait caused problems? Well…sure! Anything in excess can be trouble, and I must admit to throwing out the odd important item, treasured heirloom, or (ahem) vital password information from time to time.

On the bright side? I gravitated towards editing video and writing in my professional life. With a real knack at knowing what should stay, where it should go, and what HAS to leave. Editing words, videos and images has become one of my most favourite parts of the job.

What is editing? Across all mediums, the process is the same. Removing the lesser, rearranging the greater, and taking a project from good to bloody great!

When a photographer does a photo shoot, typically they will end up with about 300 to 400 raw images, and are likely only looking for one. When a filmmaker collects their raw footage, or rushes, there is typically 30 times more footage than required for the final project. When a writer puts words on paper, there is always room to shorten for impact.

Why do we edit? Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, hence editing is becoming more and more important! The goal is to get the most important message out, with as much impact, in the shortest time possible. This is universal. Online videos have an average of 4 seconds to capture their audience, photos have split seconds in which to entice a click out of a user, and blogs have only 300 words in which to make their point.

Did I make mine!?


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