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If a picture says 1000 words, then a video says 30,000 words a second!

Encapsluate brand in mere moments using video.

Visitor count, length of stay and fresh content are all large factors in search engine rankings. Adding video to your home page is a fast way to gain visitors’ attention so they will stay longer. It’s also a fast way to add the recommended regular updates to your website to improve rankings.


Surveys have shown that video demand is on the rise. Cisco has determined that, by 2017, video views via consumer internet traffic are expected to increase to 69%. Hub TV concluded that the click-through rate of a website is increased by 30% when a video is embedded on a home page.


Homepage videos have up to 50 times better chances of ranking on Google’s first page than a text-only page does; however, including a transcript will provide keywords from your video that will help search engines index the page. Videos increase the trust factor in visitors.


A series of short videos announcing the release of the next video will encourage repeat hits, which is an easy way to also add fresh content that complies to search engine guidelines. Video remains relevant across all devices and is easier to share across social media platforms.


With more people visiting from smaller smart devices, videos are easy to absorb. Adding a video less than four minutes in length is more likely to engage visitors. Adding video to the top of the page so visitors won’t have to scroll to find it is a bonus.


A variety of video is important. Education, entertainment and the explanation of your products or services are the main concepts visitors are looking for.


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