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There are at least 200 ways to achieve a high Google ranking. We will discuss the ones that exhibit relevance and boost website SEO.

  • Strong social media signals such as posts, Facebook likes and Twitter re-tweets are at the top of the list.
  • Increase keyword strength by listing the keyword first in your title tag.
  • Use the keyword in your description tag.
  • Use the keyword phrase frequently on the page, but not so much as to not hurt your rankings.
  • Older pages have weight, but adding new pages are also recommended.
  • Pages should load quickly.
  • Include YouTube videos.
  • Update information frequently. Add or remove information instead of simply rewording.
  • Use backlinks and internal links without cluttering a page.
  • Remove broken links to show you are not neglecting the site.
  • Use bullets and numbers to make the site reader friendly.
  • Use significant file names, alternative text, titles, descriptions and captions for images.

Bing rankings can be just as critical to your website as Google rankings are. Keywords are important for ranking high, but placement of the keyword in the title isn’t as significant on Bing. Older pages rank highest in Bing than new pages do. Social signals, internal links, backlinks and fast-loading pages share almost equal importance on Bing as in Google.

AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising links that use keywords to show up in a Google search. You pay only if someone clicks on the advertisement, and you can easily set limits so as to stay within your advertising budget. You also have the option to include these ads on Google’s partner sites—, and Netscape.

The more user-friendly your site is the more crawler-friendly it will be. As always advertising is going to be a helpful factor in increasing site visitors to support high rankings.




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